Why Our Clients Love Us

If you are like our clients and enjoy working with a team that is dedicated to awesome results, a great return on your investments and strong and loyal relationships, you will love us! We surveyed our clients and here are some of the reasons they shared for loving us.

1- We make it easy.

We value our clients time, and make their lives and their jobs easier. We are their easy button. We are the guy or gal they call when they need something handled with their marketing efforts. Many years ago our founders created a manifesto of sorts that included the philosophy that people are loyal to you not for loyalty’s sake, but because you make doing business with them easy, and make their job easier.

2- They can trust us.

Our clients interests come before ours, to a fault. We work diligently to provide the very best solutions for our clients. We believe wholeheartedly in the “Win-Win”, creating winning relationships that are mutually beneficial.

3- We are always there.

This business can be cut throat. We once had another agency poach a client, making promises they just couldn’t keep. Our ex-client came back, needing advice and assistance with something that was technically speaking, way over their new agency’s head. We helped, and solved the problem, at no cost to the client. We believe in creating long term relationships with our client, not one project or service. It’s the right thing to do, and clients keep coming back. We still have our first client from over 15 years ago. In the web and marketing business, that says a lot.

4- We deliver.

Some clients aren’t our best friends, but we deliver results. We pride ourselves on keeping our eye on the prize, the bottom line. We create metrics that solve problems, and smash goals. It’s hard to refute it.

5- We don’t always say yes.

We are not yes men. Some clients only want to hear the rosy, but our clients value our honesty. They know we will give them solid advice and that we won’t sugar coat their shortcomings or results that aren’t pretty. We understand by being upfront, and giving our honest advice, we set clear expectations and deliverables that work. Painting an unrealistic picture, or taking on a client we aren’t a good fit for doesn’t help either of us.

6- We don’t overcharge.

When we set a budget, we stick to it. There are no change orders. If the scope of the project changes, we are clear. If something happens unexpected on our end, we eat it. We are in a for profit business, but it goes back to that “Win-Win” relationship. We believe in a pay back philosophy, your efforts should always pay back within 6-12 months at a maximum.

7- We understand that ego kills talent.

We work hard to take ego out of the equation, which our clients find refreshing in the marketing community. We are constantly learning, growing, and understand our industry and our clients better and better. We don’t know everything, there is always a new technology, a new idea that we are open to learning, and implementing. We take risks and are sometimes wrong. Our clients find it refreshing and are loyal to us that we aren’t a typical agency who have the only ideas that matter. They hire us for a reason, they listen to us, but we take their insight as the gold that it is, and utilize is to create a synergy of ideas that works, and delivers results. Having an ego involved just kills the talent and synergy of it all.

8- We are small and nimble.

We understand there are lots of agencies in the sea, we get it, we aren’t for everyone. We are ok with that. There are those companies that feel better served with a large agency with fancy Manhattan or LA offices. We are some of the most hard working and efficient people you will meet. Mainly because of our aggressive use of technology, and partly because of our methodologies. We are able to do more with less, and make changes quickly. We often joke that we are your agency’s agency. We do work with large Fortune 100 companies through our partner relationships, and often on our own. It leads back to the ego thing, we remove it, allowing us to fit in and do fantastic work for clients that need it and appreciate it.

9- We are diverse

We do work all over the globe, for a variety of clients in just about every industry. We have been blessed to work with huge rock bands with household names, Disney, Proctor and Gamble, and small ity bity local non profits looking to make an impact in their community. This helps all of our clients. When we launch a social media strategy for the USA Motorcross Championships, we learn something new that benefits our healthcare clients. Seems odd, but our clients love it. They love that we can leverage our knowledge to benefit them, and their bottom line. Our Client Portal Management Systems are an example of that experience, a direct result of working with large corporations handling their co-op advertising portals. Our clients benefit from our experience with others. That diversity, and global experience gives them expertise that is unmatched. And our clients love that they can call on us for crazy projects, or even to ask a question about something new they heard, they know we’ll know all about it.

10 - We don’t bug you very much

We are all busy. We don’t expect you to babysit us, and we only hold your hand when you need us to.