Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding! WICKLEY takes great pride in the customer-centric world we live in. We are completely committed to living in our clients’ world, creating solutions and delivering the results we have promised. We transform satisfied clients to loyal clients in our dealings with them. Our focus is always the client!

A few examples of what we have done for our clients.

Client: Procter and Gamble, Partnered with Guerra DeBerry Coody

p&g logo GDC logo


Proctor and Gamble runs several ongoing promotions geared to increase sales of their products to consumers. Specific promotion websites are set up through localized grocery chains to provide winning opportunities to these consumers. Proctor and Gamble and their ad agency, GDC were running into several security issues and the reality of creating a new website with every promotion. They also had several consumers repeatedly abusing every promotion.

Success Solution:

​Our first step was to assess the situation. We conducted a needs analysis, which stated where they were at that time and where they wanted to be. Once the gap was agreed upon, we designed, developed and implanted a state of the art online portal named QwickSite that allowed the agency & Proctor to utilize the same web portal, and merely swap out graphics for each campaign. We also integrated security parameters that authenticated the codes, disallowed duplicate entries, and flagged potential abusers. We also integrated reporting mechanisms that allowed Proctor and Gamble to integrate the data captures with their existing Customer Retention software applications, and to provide automatic mailing of the prizes to their external mail house.


Client: USA Motocross Championships

USA Motocross Championships Logo


The owner of the venue for the USA Motocross Championship had a unique opportunity, he purchased the property with the American Motocross Association sanctioned event already on it's books a little over a year before. The previous year event was poorly attended, and didn't attract the top talent or spectators. Our challenge was brought to us two months before the event, to make it more successful than the prior year.

Success Solution:

Our first step was to conduct a needs analysis, and develop a vision of attainable short and long term goals for the event. We developed a cohesive brand, advertising and sponsorship strategy that properly showcased the facility, and the event itself including:

  • TV and Radio Segments
  • Eblast Campaign
  • Groupon and Living Social
  • Corporate Sponsorship Packet
  • Rider Registration Campaign
  • Press Kit and Unpaid Media
  • Street Team Flyer Distribution
  • Website

Within weeks, the event quickly gained traction, and we were contacted by Red Bull, ESPN, and other major national brands, as well as local partners, that wanted to become a part of it. What resulted was a successful advertising and positioning campaign for the first year, and major milestones set to properly position the event, for years to come, as well as for other events held at the facility.


Client: Tarantino Properties

Tarantino Properties Logo


Tarantino Properties is an established property management company, managing over $1 billion in assets. Their senior living division obtained several senior living properties that were previously poorly managed, and as a result had low occupancy rates, well below the national average. They needed new residents, and fast.

Success Solution:

We began managing their advertising as a whole, utilizing their current budgets and contracts, and renegotiating as we went. We established a more cohesive brand, reinvigorated their existing contracts, and eliminated poorly spent dollars. We implemented ongoing tracking mechanisms for all digital ads, and established our call tracking system, allowing us to truly see what worked, and removing what didn't.

The results were incredible, within 6 months, our properties went from 60-70% occupancy to 98+, WITH higher rents and fees, driving an infusion of revenue into each property. We established our online client portal to house artwork, reports, and marketing plans. Our portal provides tools, training documents, template marketing materials, and more, allowing each individual property to have access, increases efficiencies, maintains brand guidelines, and keeps marketing and designs costs low. It also allows the management team at Tarantino, and the owner of the properties to stay in the loop.


Client: Sunshine Cottage

Sunshine Cottage Logo


Sunshine Cottage was midway through app development to supplement their existing educational curriculum for Speech that Works. Sunshine Cottage is known throughout the world for their school, and philosophy that teaches deaf and hearing challenged children to talk. The app functioned, but lacked the proper user interface and design.

Success Solution:

We were able to jump into the project, and develop a structure and interface that brought the application to life. We worked hand and hand with programmer, Jim Del Rio, to provide a user interface design that allowed the end user to intuitively access resources effectively. We also provided project management, all elements of design, together with the amazing team of speech therapists at Sunshine Cottage, and Jim have developed an amazing application. It is now available for download for Android devices in the Google Play Store and on ITunes for Apple devices.


Client: Josh Groban

Josh Groban Logo


As Josh Groban began prepping for his international tour in 2013, the management team began looking for a stage designer and developer that could accomplish a challenging task. Josh's vision for his "In The Round" tour was to give fans a one of a kind experience. Placed in the middle of a 360 stage would allow Josh to interact with fans from all sides of the venue. "It has been a vision of mine to do a tour in the round for a while now, it was just a matter of when was the right time," said Groban. "I have always had moments during the show where I walked through the crowd and interacted with the fans. I felt that now was the time to bring it all together. I can't wait to bring music from throughout my career, great fun and new experiences to my fans."

Success Solution:

Working with a team of industry professionals, we developed a plan to utilize an old Metallica stage being housed in Amsterdam, and rebuild the stage with unique elements and developments that would accomplish Josh's goal. We shipped the stage from Amsterdam, and set to work in our warehouse space in San Antonio. Our creative vision and dedication resulted in a remarkable design and stage experience that allowed audiences around the world to see Josh in a way they hadn't before, and hear his hits throughout the years, connecting artist and audience together.